The Four Body Types


“When you know better
you do better.”
Maya Angelou

When you've tried diets and exercise and in short you feel like you've "tried everything" and still can't lose weight, what went wrong? Why do diets work for some people, and fail for others? Why do some diets harm some people and yet are so beneficial to others? There can be many reasons.

First of all, we are all unique individuals with unique genetic expressions. However, we were all created with the same basic design of organs and systems, all ingeniously designed to do the same thing. So a more appropriate question would be, "why mine working as well as the next a person is?"

Every organ in the body has to be doing its job the way it was intended or it may result in weight gain. Let's take the digestive system for our first example. If the body isn't making enough enzymes to digest the many fats, carbohydrates, minerals, vitamins, proteins and other substances then function of every single system suffers. How about endocrine system? If your hormones don’t do the job they are supposed to do or these is no connection between hormones, your body doesn’t know what to do, loose balance and gain weight.

We can’t apply the same approach with everyone because everybody is very different according to Dr. Berg. Each gland, when in trouble, will create very specific bodily symptoms; the most noticeable one is reshaping of the body and where people carry their weight. It takes years for hormone blood tests to show up as abnormal; and since all six fat-burning hormones have to do their job through the liver, there could be a normal level of hormones in the blood, yet the liver might not be activating them. It was found that weaknesses in the functions of glands or organs can contribute to different body shapes, which are largely designed by the accumulation of excess fluid and fat. Therefore, body distortions may be an indication of underlying health problems! Improving the function of the appropriate glands or organs can help optimize the body's performance and contribute to restoring a more normal body shape. Over or underproduction of hormones can contribute to extensive alteration of body functions and shapes.

Some people have sagging bellies, some have protruding ones, yet others carry weight in the hip area or are just overweight all over. It is amazing how one tiny mistake can lead to such a disaster. The fundamental mistake people make is doing the wrong program for their body type. This is a small error that puts a dieter on the wrong road towards achieving their weight loss goal.

Some people are successful with high protein diets and others do better with higher amounts of carbohydrates, but if a person is storing fat in the belly, it is because of a hormone imbalance, not a lack of doing sit-ups. The person with a lot of belly fat often craves salty foods and generally needs to polish off a meal with something sweet. Interestingly, this body type may also be prone to the occasional twitch under the left eye and tight calf muscles.

“By diagnosing your body type, and finding the gland involved in telling fat where to accumulate, you can get a customized program that matches the problem to the solution” Dr. Berg said.

People tend to accumulate weight in
one of four different ways:

  • Adrenal Body Type – the person has sagging, hanging midsection with thing arms and legs.

  • Liver Body Type – the person has protruding stomach – potbelly that wraps into the back.

  • Ovary Body Type – the person with lower body weight “saddlebags “and with thin upper body.

  • Thyroid Body Type – the person with excess fat evenly distributed in the whole body.