Anemia and Heavy Bleeding




Ferrofood contains iron to support the body's need for this mineral. It is organically combined iron (ferrous lactate) rich in many blood-building factors. It contains some vitamin B12, which people with anemia are often lacking, and some Calcifood Powder, which is raw veal bone flour containing the bone marrow. Read more.

Folic Acid B12



Folic Acid B12 supports cellular health. Folic Acid B12 is used for nerve development and helps strengthen red blood cells. Read more.

Cataplex B12



Cataplex B12 supports blood health and general well-being. It has two important functions: promotion of growth and advancement of red blood cell formation and maturation. This is for the person who has anemia, particularly pernicious anemia. Read more.

Hypothalamus PMG


Hypothalamus PMG helps your brainstem communicate with your testes. Read more.

Prolamine Iodine

(1-5 tablets/day or more)


Prolamine Iodine is used for hyper/hypothyroidism, diminished secretions, menopausal/hot flash symptoms, PMS, breast tenderness, lumpiness and fibrocystic breasts and iodine therapy. Hot flashes for menopausal women are one of the most popular uses of this product. Read more.




It contains the eight essential amino acids. Working together, the amino acids, minerals, enzymes, and vitamin C contained in Protefood interact throughout the human body to enhance exercises, support hormonal health, healthy cardiovascular function, immune response, bone development and protein metabolism. Read more.

Symplex F



It supports the healthy function of ovaries, adrenal, pituitary, and thyroid glands. It contains a combination of key ingredients from Ovatrophin PMG, Drenatrophin PMG, Pituitrophin PMG, and Thytrophin PMG. It promotes healthy adrenal, sex hormones and thyroid function. Read more.

Spanish Black Radish



Provides support and detoxification for liver and gallbladder function and encourages healthy digestion. It helps to drain toxins and congestion in order to heal the body. Read more.




FemCo contains White Peony, Shatavari and Schisandra. FemCo can help to support women's general well-being and vitality, support normal reproductive function in women and more. Read more.

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