Cataplex E - 360 Tablets (3825)

Cataplex E - 360 Tablets (3825)

Cataplex E by Standard Process 360 Tablets ($78.00).

Vitamin E provides antioxidants, promotes cell repair, increases tissue resistance to stress and supports cardiovascular system. Aids in fibrocystic breasts.

360 Tablets
(Id #3825)
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Cataplex E by Standard Process 360 Tablets ($78.00).

Cataplex E Description

Suggested use: 6/day

Cataplex E - vitamin E supports cells and cell processes as well as healthy thyroid function.

How Cataplex E keeps you healthy:

  • Provides antioxidants
  • Supports cell signaling and regulation of gene expression
  • Specific support to cardiovascular system, source of manganese and selenium and aids in pituitary function.

Why Cataplex E is different:

Cataplex E consists of complex Vitamin E. Most Vitamin E is sold as "d-alpha tocopherol". D-Alpha tocopherol and its many adulterations is not true Vitamin E. It is only a "fraction" of the Vitamin E complex. We talked about vitamin E as classified by the government as "tocopherol." There are seven tocopherols in all, alpha being one of them. The government has decided to rate any vitamin E product according to the amount of alpha tocopherol it contains. The tocopherols are antioxidants, just like ascorbic acid. They are a part of the E complex, but they are not the active ingredients. Their function is to preserve the active factor. Tocopherols are measured on the basis of cell growth. Kids who have acne have it at a time when their sex organs are beginning to develop and require vitamin E. If they're not getting enough vitamin E in their diet, the gonads begin to take the vitamin E that would otherwise be used in the maintenance of the health of the skin. So there begins to be abnormal skin growth.

On the other hand, the entire E complex contains the polyunsaturated fatty acids, alpha, beta, gamma and delta tocopherols, vitamin F, vitamin A, vitamin K, vitamin D, manganese, selenium, xanthine and lipositols. D-alpha tocopherol is only one small fraction of the Vitamin E complex. As a result, it does not have the same effect in the body and can actually cause damage. Your vitamin label should list Vitamin E as "Vitamin E (as wheat germ oil)", or have wheat germ oil in the ingredient section, and not labeled "Vitamin E (as d-alpha tocopherol)" or similar variation. Some will show Vitamin E as "Mixed tocopherols". This simply means a little more was added back - any combination of alpha, beta or gamma tocopherols, but it is still missing all the other essential fractions.

The traditional source for vitamin E is vegetable oils. But the best quality vitamin E comes from whole vegetables. Green lettuce and green peas are one of the best sources. They are raised on the farms and pressed the juice out and vacuum dry it. This is E concentrate. It is high in manganese. The manganese is combined with the protein, vitamins and other trace minerals in the plant in the growing process. You could call Cataplex E a "naturally chelated" product. "Chelated" means "combined." If you take any high potency laboratory-chelated products, your body has to do some combining in order to make them work. But if you take your minerals the way nature provides them, combined with protein and vitamins through the growing process of plants, they are bound to work.

For example, take vitamin E and separate the tocopherols from the manganese. Putting them back together in the laboratory, chelating them artificially, they wouldn't work. But they worked before you took them apart. Dr. Lee - genius nutritionist, used an analogy to illustrate this point. He said you can give a chemist a watch and he can analyze it for content. Then hit it with a hammer and give it back to him.

Although it is the same watch, it has now lost its function. A nutritional concentrate is an organized mechanism that has a function. If you break the function by separating the parts, the body can no longer use the mechanism. High potency vitamin E products are made this way. Tocopherols are broken down and separated from oils, the natural tocopherols are separated from vegetable oil. Then they are packed into a gelatin perle and you have a high potency vitamin E product, a 200 or 500 International Unit vitamin E product. That means 200 or 500 International Units of alpha tocopherol, because the government insists that the potency of the product is measured by the amount of alpha tocopherol it contains. Of course, the reason for doing this is to give the public a "high potency" product.

Although the label of such a product will say "all natural" or "organic" - it was taken from oil, a natural source - it's still not food. It's an incomplete product. You are getting lots of tocopherols, but none of the active components of the E complex: the F, A, K, D, manganese, etc. Complex Vitamin E is a two International Unit product. Each tablet contains two International Units of alpha tocopherol. The remainder of the tablet is composed of all the other vitamin E components. How do the high potency vitamin E products work? If you recall, the tocopherols are an antioxidant. So the patient's symptoms, such as angina, will disappear, but often only temporarily. The body is designed to utilize food in its whole form.

If you eat incomplete foods, such as refined tocopherols, all the missing factors are borrowed from the tissue reserves in order to make the partial food usable. Sooner or later, depending on the patient's past eating habits, there will be a deficiency of those nutrients, causing what's referred to as a "reversal of symptoms." This means there is a recurrence of the same symptoms, which were causing the problem in the first place, often to a more serious degree.

So high potency vitamins are similar to drugs in their effect. They cause a masking of symptoms, which eventually creates additional problems. Dr. Lee used to say that using high potency vitamins was like whipping a tired horse; he would be stimulated to run faster but sooner or later he collapses because you never fed him.

Supplement Facts
Serving Size: 2 Tablets Servings per Container: 45 or 180
Amount per Serving %DV
Calories 3  
Vitamin E 5 IU 15%
Selenium 11 mcg 15%
Proprietary Blend: 509 mg Bovine orchic extract†, inositol†, dried pea (vine) juice†, ribonucleic acid†, bovine adrenal†, beet (root)†, oat flour†, bovine spleen†, ovine spleen†, para-aminobenzoate†, bovine liver†, manganese lactate, and ascorbic acid.

†Daily Value (DV) not established.

Other Ingredients: Honey, selenium yeast, vitamin E (soy), arabic gum, and calcium stearate.