Antronex - 90 Tablets (1100)

Antronex - 90 Tablets (1100)

Antronex by Standard Process 90 Tablets ($16.00).

Antronex contains yakriton, a liver fat extract discovered by Japanese researchers that is used to support the body's normal detoxification mechanisms. Supports the liver and the body's natural immune system function

90 Tablets
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Antronex by Standard Process 90 Tablets ($16.00).

Antronex Description

Suggested use: 6/day

Antronex contains a special liver extract, which the Japanese named Yakriton. It is natural anti-histamine, excellent for people who have histamine toxicity, as in cases of asthma and allergies. Antronex is rated according to the amount of Yakriton it contains. Yakriton is the blood-filtering fraction of the liver.

How Antronex can keep you healthy:

  • The product quickens the detoxification of the blood in its flow through the liver.
  • People who have toxic thyroids are also benefited by Antronex as it quickens the removal of the excess thyroxin from the blood.
  • If a person has high blood pressure due to a congested liver, Antronex may lower his blood pressure very quickly. If you take two Antronex, wait ten minutes then take two more and if the blood pressure drops significantly, you know the hypertension was due at least partly to a congested liver, in which case you would take Antronex regularly. One more thing about Antronex it is only utilized in an acid gastrointestinal tract, so you may need to take Zypan along with it.

Supplement Facts
Serving Size: 1 Tablet Servings per Container: 90 or 330
Amount per Serving %DV
Calories 1  
Calcium 40 mg 4%
Bovine Liver Fat Extract (Yakriton) 15 mg

†Daily Value (DV) not established.

Other Ingredients: Calcium lactate, calcium stearate, arabic gum, and vitamin E (soy).